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Project: Infinity Scarf


I LOVE to wear scarves. Heavy knit scarves in the dead of winter, lightweight silk ones in the spring and super-wide & long cotton scarves year round.  I. Love. Them.  There is a new trend this season that is called the INFINITY SCARF.  It is essentially a tube of fabric that is connected at the ends so it forms a loop.  It can be worn numerous ways and when made with the right material can be super versatile and comfortable.  

I tried one on in a clothing store one day last month and fell in love with it – so much so that I almost bought one…for $50.  At the last minute I realized it would be incredibly easy to make and decided to put it back on the shelf (to the salesperson’s chagrin)

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • two yards of fabric, get one with some stretch and that is comfy enough to wear against your skin. I used navy blue cotton stretch jersey
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • thimble
  • scissors

infinity scarf tools


Work with me on the photos, with such dark material it is really hard to get a good photo to show the steps so I used a scrap of fleece to give you the basic idea (hows that for reusing!) If you are confused at all, just shoot me an email and I’ll explain more clearly. 

First, when you get your fabric it will be double layered, open it will be very wide – mine was 60″.  THIS IS IMPORTANT: cut the width in half before starting.  If you don’t then you will sew the entire two yard seam before you realize its too much fabric.  Not that I did that or something…okay, I did.  I had to cut the entire seam and start over.  Irritating. 

Once the fabric is the correct width (roughly 30″ x 2 yds) Fold lenthwise. Make sure to fold with the right side inside the fold.  Meaning, if your fabric does not look exactly the same on both sides, put the side you want to show when the project is finished so it does NOT show when the fabric is folded.  Make sense? DO NOT CUT ANYTHING AT THIS STAGE.  In fact, you shouldn’t cut anything other than thread for the remainder of the project.    


you'll start with your big rectangle of fabric...

you'll start with your big rectangle of fabric...

fold that puppy hot dog style (lengthwise)

fold that puppy hot dog style (lengthwise)


Now, match up your seams and start sewing your seam!  You can pin along the length if you want, I just did a simple in and out stitch along the entire seam.  Every five inches I secured the stitch with a knot and then continued with the same thread.  I like to sew everything by hand, but if you like to use a sewing machine it will cut out about 30 minutes of sewing!  My poor sewing machine has been on the top shelf of our closet for years. I just like sewing by hand, I think its relaxing.


now sew along the open seam of the "hot dog"

now sew along the open seam of the "hot dog"

 Back to business.  When your seam is finished turn the fabric right side out…so the rough seam in on the inside of the tube. 

Now lay it out on the floor (or on any long surface) and fold  1 1/2 to 2″ from one end of the fabric INTO the tube (like you are folding a hem) Then fold the other end of the length of fabric over to the “hemmed” end.  Tuck the rough edge INTO the folded “hem” and pin.   It will look like a loop at this point.  So basically, you are folding your tube “hamburger style” and tucking one seam inside the other.

Now sew the seam you have just created.  Use a very careful in and out stitch here, it will show so you want to use tiny stitches.

Want to know how to wear it?  

Play with it, there are so many things you can do with this.  I’m planning on making another one in a gray ribbed stretch jersey.  Then maybe an orange.  I’m going to end up with about ten of these things by the time I’m done! 

Send me pics of your results!  I want to see how great your scarf ends up.

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  1. Nicola says:

    Any suggestions for myself as I’m thinking about following through on a blog similar to this?

  2. Katie says:

    Yes! My best advice is BE YOURSELF. Be true to your vision and your voice and don’t tailor what you write/post to what you think people want to hear. If you are genuine then people will tag along for the ride and keep coming back to read what you have to say. Good luck and, most importantly, have fun!

  3. Allison says:

    Thank you for this awesome video and tute on how to make these scarves! I linked up to your blog, your tute and your video in my post about making mine!

  4. Katie says:

    I’m so glad you like it! And thanks for linking up…you would not believe how many people have come to my site through yours. Its kind of amazing. And I dig your blog…I always love coming across wacky artists like me. I’m gonna keep an eye on your site, LOVE what you’re doing and thanks for the exposure :)

  5. Candyce says:

    Hi is t there any way you can do a video of how to make it like you did the video of how to wear it I’m a little confused about the last part folding like a hamburger and such.

  6. Katie says:

    I certainly will. I’ll get on it as soon as I can! Thanks for the interest :)

  7. Laura Jean Martin says:

    LOVE your ideas Katie. I just wanted to send along some encouragement and know I’ll be using your gifting ideas this Christmas. :)

  8. Kat Upshaw says:

    Loved your instructions. . . especially enjoyed the How to Wear It video with “OH OH” in the background. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jill says:

    So is the entire length of the scarf 2 yards or 4 yards? Because you cut the width in half at the beginning.

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